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ARTISTS' Biographies

Parallel 20 Exhibition December 3rd to 23rd 2020

Benedicte Blanc-Fontenille is a French artist, born in 1961. She graduated from L'Ecole des Beaux Arts, living and working in Miami since 2001. Throughout her career, she has been inspired by one simple yet profound observation: That life is extremely fragile, and yet, it is our knowledge of this fact that causes us to constantly move through cycles of building up and tearing down, rising & falling, rejoicing & grieving and then doing it all over again.

Dalia Berlin, is a professional licensed interior designer and fine artist who was born in Madrid, Spain in 1966. She embraces all her endeavors with an excitement that results in bright, bold passionate statements. Berlin’s works express her deep roots in Spain and her muse comes from her love for masters like Velazquez, Goya, Dali and Picasso among others. She studied fine arts in United States and have successfully exhibited her artworks in Europe and United States of America where she lives and works.

Emmanuel Arrebot is a French artist born in 1972 at Pau. After a classical educational curriculum, he studied fine art in Bordeaux to follow his passion for drawing and painting. He specializes in contemporary figurative art. His inspirations are mainly the feminine and the women figures, which he paints by bringing contrast with light to magnify the representation of women in all angles. He has successfully exhibited his work in US and France.

Erion Cha is a Korean artist born in 1980. She studied fine arts in US at the San Francisco Art Institute. Erion has successfully exhibited her artworks in Asia, Europe and America. She has developed a series of the Big Prince with over one hundred oil paintings in pointillism technique. Her pointillism technique is represented in paintings as well as in ceramic sculptures with delicate clay balls that compose her artworks. She gets inspiration from the old master Seurat representing his paintings in sculptures.

Eva Castell is a talented artist from Argentina born in 1948. Eva studied fine art in her native country Argentina. The visions under deep meditation give her the inspiration to create her mystical paintings in oil. Her unique strokes are characteristic of her paintings. Eva has exhibited her artworks in many art galleries, art centers and museums all over the world. Her artworks represent an enigmatic vision of a world of fields and cosmic areas with the message of unification in humanity. She have won numerous awards as an artist.

Jee Yoon is a contemporary artist born in Korea in 1977. She graduated from Ehwa Woman's University, majored in Fiber Art and continued her artistic education in the US. Upon graduation she worked as an interior designer. Her series of artworks are trying to identify a multicultural identity with a unique style. She is comfortable working with Korean rice paper and silk thread in her art pieces by combining harmony and balance. Jee Yoon has exhibited her original mixed media artworks in galleries and fine art fairs in US, Asia and Colombia.

Miguel Hernandez is a photographer who lives in Miami, United States and was born in 1982 in Caracas. He works in the music and entertainment industry and has translated his creative nature from designing special effects and stages, to the camera. He studied photography in the United States and started capturing landscapes and unique perspectives in all the places he went to work. He has successfully exhibited his photography in exhibitions at galleries and art centers in the United States and South Korea.

Silvia Parra is a contemporary artist born in Venezuela in 1962. Silvia paints the cosmos as she sees it in her meditation process. She expresses the elements in the cosmos as mandalas shaped like circumferences of energy. Silvia’s muse is the inner world and its connection with meditation and art. Her paintings and photography represent the universe surrounded by meditation and powerful thoughts. She has exhibited her artworks all over the world in galleries and fine art fairs.

Tania Riera is a contemporary artist who was born in Venezuela in 1966. She studied fine art in Venezuela and interior design in the United States. Riera is passionate for the fine arts, and she is in a permanent research for color theories associated with artistic expressions. Her artworks are characterized by having vibrant colors and textures in minimalistic designs mostly created in acrylic on paper. Her artworks have been successfully showcased in Europe, Asia and United States.

Veronika Beyhaut, is an international artist born in 1974 Montevideo, Uruguay. She currently lives and works in San Sebastian de Garzón, Uruguay. In her last exhibit "No Borders" she shows pictures of her shadow with nature as the canvas. This series is inspired in mental health, immigration, and spirituality. She studied Art history & Theater in Hunter College, NY and have participated in Performing arts in different venues. She has exhibited her photography and artworks in Europe, South America, U.S and South Korea.


Emmanuel Arrebot, Dalia Berlin, Veronika Beyhaut, Benedicte Blanc-Fontenille, 

Eva Castell, Erion Cha, Miguel Hernández, Silvia Parra, Tania Riera & Jee Yoon.